Buyer Builder Meeting
This is an example of the information that will be covered in your buyer builder meeting. The information will vary depending on the community and home you've chosen.

Upgrade Price Sheet
This is an extensive list of upgrades offered through Norris Homes to improve the enjoyment and increase the value and of your home.

Standard Kitchen Appliances for the Classic Collection
These stainless steel appliances offer timeless beauty for your home.  Note: Upgrades are available.

Components Of Your Home
Click here to learn about many of the important features of your new home. These were topics covered during
your walk through.

Owner Manuals
Thermostat Instructions
Hot Water Tank Owner's Manual
Fresh Air Ventilation System Manual

Home Owner Maintenance
Maintenance Guide For Your Home
Protect Your Home Against Water Damage
Protect Your Home Against Mold Damage
Caring For Your Hardwood Floors
Sealing Grout And Slate
Electrical - FAQ's

Seasonal Maintenance Checklists
Spring Checklist
Summer Checklist
Fall Checklist
Winter Checklist